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Paramedical professionals ratify contract

September 28, 2004
BL10000 Paramedical professionals have voted 92 per cent in favour of the tentative contract reached this summer between the Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association (PPBA) and the Health Employers' Association of BC (HEABC). "Clearly, paramedical professionals recognized that this was the best contract possible given the current political climate," says Ron Ohmart, chief negotiator for the PPBA.

Important reminder re: extended health care receipts from May 5 - December 31, 2003

September 21, 2004
BL9995 All HSA members covered by the paramedical professional collective agreement are reminded that any unclaimed receipts for extended healthcare benefits incurred between May 5 and December 31, 2003 must be submitted to Pacific Blue Cross no later than October 15, 2004 in order to receive reimbursement.

HSA establishes Adjustment Plan Committee following VCHA laboratory redesign announcement

September 20, 2004
BL9994 The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority has notified HSA that it has developed recommendations for a redesign of laboratory services. The VCHA has stated that its proposals will result in changes to the VCHA sites or transfers between the sites, impacting staffing levels, shift rotations, full-time equivalents, and required skill mix. However, the health authority has indicated that they will work with HSA to minimize the "involuntary" impact on staff.

Contracting out of MRIs to shorten lists a case of bad planning says health union

September 14, 2004
The decision by the Fraser Health Authority to send patients to private MRI clinics shows that the BC government has failed to plan for long-term health care needs, says Cindy Stewart, President of the Health Sciences Association of BC. While Stewart acknowledges the health authority is trying to resolve an immediate problem, she says that a long-term strategy is required to avoid similar back-logs in the future.

Fix health care, don't privatize it, activists demand

September 14, 2004
NUPGE among groups defending public medicare at historic summit Ottawa - Defenders of public medicare, including the National Union of Public and General Employees, and HSA President Cindy Stewart rallied Monday as Prime Minister Paul Martin and the first ministers began a three-day historic summit on the future of health care in Canada. Their message to the country's top leaders can be summed up in one short slogan: "Fix! Don't privatize health care." The three-day meeting is the first open, televised meeting by Canada's heads of government since the 1980s.

Health professionals call on First Ministers to tackle crisis of staff shortages

September 13, 2004
Ottawa - An organization representing 60,000 diagnostic, clinical, rehabilitation, pharmacy and other health science professionals today called on Canada's First Ministers to take immediate action to address the growing shortage of health professionals in Canada. "The solution to reducing wait times begins with ensuring an adequate and stable supply of health professionals," says Cindy Stewart, Co-chair of the Canadian Health Professionals Secretariat (CHPS).

Agreement reached on extended health care benefits for paramedical professionals

September 13, 2004
BL9993 The Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association (PPBA) and the Health Employers' Association of BC (HEABC) have reached an agreement on an outstanding dispute regarding extended health care benefits. The dispute stems from HEABC's directive to Pacific Blue Cross that the collective agreement did not require it to cover the additional costs arising from the BC government's decision to de-list physiotherapy, chiropractic services, massage therapy and podiatry.

Canadians want Ottawa to police health care spending

September 2, 2004
Most citizens disagree with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein's demand that Ottawa give provinces money with no strings attached Ottawa - On the eve of the First Ministers meeting on health care, a strong majority of Canadians in every region ... including Alberta ... disagree with Alberta premier Ralph Kleins opposition to conditions being imposed on new federal health care funding to the provincial governments.

National strategy needed to address shortages

September 1, 2004
The Report: September / October 2004 vol.25 num.5 by CINDY STEWART

Reporting injuries

September 1, 2004
The Report: September / October 2004 vol.25 num.5 by SARAH O'LEARY