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Understanding the union advantage

April 1, 2006
user The Report: April / May 2006 vol.27 num.2 by LAURA BUSHEIKIN

Unions call for finance minister to take immediate action to ensure a deal can be done by deadline

March 31, 2006
The Union Bargaining Association (UBA) is calling on BC finance minister Carole Taylor to take immediate steps to address the "negotiating ineptitude" of the employers, and to assure community social services workers that any final agreement they are offered is comparable to what other public sector workers have received to date. Download full PDF version here

Tentative agreements reached for Nurses and Community Social Services Workers

March 31, 2006
Tentative agreements were reached today at both the Nurses and Community Social Services tables. More details will be provided in the coming days.

Down to the final details

March 30, 2006
We are working day and night to conclude a fair and equitable tentative agreement by Friday, March 31.

Tentative agreement reached

March 25, 2006
B.C.s 13,000 workers covered by Community Health collective agreement have a tentative agreement for a new contract that includes pay increases, stronger employment security and contracting out protections, and measures to improve health and safety. -This is a good, solid settlement that meets the priorities set by community health workers," says George Heyman, president of the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union, which is the largest union involved in the talks.

First monetary offers tabled

March 25, 2006
Bargaining for a new Provincial Collective Agreement continued this week with negotiators for the Nurses' Bargaining Association and the Health Employers' Association exchanging proposals on a number of issues. Download full PDF version here

Proposed terms of settlement booklet now available

March 24, 2006
With contract ratification meetings being scheduled for next week, the week of March 27, HSA has produced a comprehensive Report to Members on the Proposed Terms of Settlement. The booklet is available for download here. All members are encouraged to review the detailed summary of the proposed collective agreement. Booklets will also be available at the ratification vote meetings being held throughout the province.

PPBA contract ratification vote meetings

March 23, 2006
Ratification vote meetings are being held throughout the province the week of March 27, 2006. Click here for schedule - updated March 30

Community health talks hit contracting out hurdle Tuesday night

March 22, 2006
Contract talks for community health workers went late into the night Tuesday, but negotiators for the multi-union community health bargaining association ran into a significant hurdle in our efforts to limit the number of jobs employers can contract out over the life of the agreement. As a result, talks adjourned in an effort to give both sides the chance to come up with solutions to move negotiations closer to a settlement. Employment security issues—including caps on contracting out—are a crucial issue for front-line workers.

Bargaining has resumed

March 22, 2006
Bargaining has now resumed. Your Union Bargaining Association (UBA) remains hopeful that we can bring negotiations to a satisfactory resolution by the March 31 deadline. Download full version as PDF