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Joanne Schwartz, social worker, Vancouver

Why Join HSA?

Excessive workload, safety concerns, scheduling decisions that are unfair or arbitrary -- these are just some of the reasons that employees decide to join a union.

Unions help employees come together to improve conditions in the workplace. Without a union, employees can only act as individuals. As union members, you are part of collective voice and have the tools to resolve workplace problems.

Issues such as wages, benefits and working conditions are negotiated directly with your employer, resulting in a document called a collective agreement. A collective agreement is a legally binding, enforceable document signed by both the union and employer.

Belonging to HSA means better wages, better working conditions and greater professionalism.

How to join HSA

If you want to know more about the benefits of joining HSA, contact us directly by sending an email to or calling the union office at  604-517-0994.

All calls and emails are strictly confidential. Your employer and manager will never know that you contacted the union.

Frequently Asked Questions about Union Organizing

Can I be fired for joining the union?

No. Under the BC Labour Code, employees are free to join a union and participate in its activities without fear of retribution.Your employer cannot fire, suspend, transfer or in any way punish you for joining a union or promoting union membership to other employees.Your employer cannot intimidate or threaten you for taking part in a union organizing drive. Union organizing activities must not take place during work hours but you are free to talk to your colleagues during lunch breaks, and before and after work. It's your right.

Can I get fired for talking to a union organizer or attending a meeting?

In Canada, you have a legal right to join a union and employers are prohibited from discriminating against you for doing so. Under the B.C. Labour Code, your employer is not allowed to take any punitive action against you for being or becoming a union member or encouraging others to join.

If I sign a union card, will my employer find out?

No. Your membership in the union is kept confidential by both the union and the Labour Relations Board so you can sign an HSA union card without your employer finding out.

If we join the union, won't we have to go on strike?

No one will go on strike unless a majority of the union members vote to authorize a strike. In other words, it's in your hands. Often, just the threat of a strike is enough to resolve the outstanding differences between the employer and union bargaining committees. A strike only occurs as a last resort in the collective bargaining process and again, can only happen if the majority of union members at your place support it.