Board of Directors


HSA's Board of Directors is the supreme governing body of the union when the annual convention is not in session. The Board is composed of the President and one Regional Director from each of 10 regions. Regional Directors serve two-year terms. In 2022, elections were held for Regions 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

*Email accounts are supported by HSA staff to ensure timely responses to a high volume of member inquiries. Please contact HSA if you would like to send a private message directly to a Regional Director.

President - Kane Tse
Region 1 Director - Andrew Duarte
Region 2 Director - Brooke Carter
Region 3 Director - Jing-Yi Ng
Region 4 Director - Alexandra Thomson
Region 5 Director - Jill Slind
Region 6 Director - Nicole McIntosh
Region 7 Director - Sarah Kooner
Region 8 Director -  Heath McLeod 
Region 9 Director - Kathy Anderson
Region 10 Director - Mandi Ayers

Not sure who your regional director is? Click here for a map showing all ten HSA regions.

Still not sure which region you're in? Look up your worksite and region on our list of HSA worksites.