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PHSA lab redesign negotiations conclude

December 16, 2015
HSA, on behalf of the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA), has now concluded negotiations for a labour adjustment plan with PHSA . This labour adjustment plan will address the implementation of the PHSA laboratory technical leadership redesign in the most supportive and respectful manner for our laboratory technologists. Lab stewards and members have done an exemplary job at articulating concerns about the employer's redesign plan. It has resulted in no net loss of positions.

2016 Basic Steward Training

December 15, 2015
Stewards play a vital role in the union. Particularly important is the steward's role in contract interpretation, organizing and the grievance procedure. In recognition of the need for educating new stewards in these areas, HSA is offering four 3-day Basic Steward Training workshops at the HSA office as follows: Dates:  January 11–13, 2016 January 25-27, 2016 February 22–24, 2016 April 11-13, 2016 Location: HSA Office, 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster

2016 Scholarships and bursaries available for HSA members and their families

December 9, 2015
HSA is offering scholarships and bursaries to all members and their children. Ten scholarships will be awarded for full-time studies, twenty bursaries for full-time studies and four bursaries for part-time studies. Two aboriginal bursaries will be awarded to aboriginal students in BC.

There for others

December 7, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 When laboratory technologist John Bhullar was first asked to consider taking over the work of a retired steward, he thought he wasn't up for the job.

A focus on stewards

December 7, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 BY VAL AVERY, PRESIDENT, HSA For most members, their first contact with our union is through a steward.

Child development professionals mobilize to seek funding for kids in need

December 3, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 Children with disabilities face a lot of challenges, but with support in the early years, many can overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.

OHS: Break the silence on violence

December 3, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 BY DAVID DURNING, HSA OHS OFFICER A recent survey of emergency department staff at Abbotsford Regional Hospital indicated that more than half of those who had recently experienced violence on the job didn't report those events.

Doris Peters, mental health clinician

December 3, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN "Just what is our union doing for us?" This was the question that set HSA member Doris Peters down a path that led, surprisingly quickly, to becoming a chief steward in June of last year.

National meeting addresses community social service concerns

December 2, 2015
HSA'S Heather Maschek, Heidi Coates, Stasia Hasumi and Anne Davis were among the many community social service workers who met in Ottawa. HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, DECEMBER 2015