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Health science professionals table proposals aimed at protecting quality public health care

July 8, 2010
Bargaining for a new contract for health science professionals continued this week in Richmond, with the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA) tabling a number of proposals aimed at protecting quality public health care. -British Columbians depend on a quality public health care system for their good health. It is incumbent upon all parties at the bargaining table to get creative about how we can work together to protect and improve our system," said Maureen Headley, HSPBA chief negotiator and HSAs Executive Director of Labour Relations and Legal Services.

Fall conference for HSA health and safety stewards - 2nd Bi-Annual OHS Conference - -Creating a Culture of Safety"

July 7, 2010
October 25 and 26, 2010, Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel This conference is designed for experienced safety stewards and advocates increase awareness on key issues related to safe working conditions for all members.  Learn more about topics such as: • An update on violence prevention initiatives.• The relationship between worker and patient/client safety.• Information technology to support OHS programs and initiatives.• HSA projects and Initiatives.• Stress in the workplace.

Hotel workers stage protest July 22 at Vancouver Hyatt

July 6, 2010
Join hotel workers across North America in a historic protest against global hotel corporations. In 14 cities, including Vancouver, hotel workers will be demonstrating their unity and their determination to fight for respect in an industry dominated by wealthy multinational companies that continue cutting jobs and trying to squeeze more from workers.

Unions table proposals to address health science professional shortages

June 17, 2010
The Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association tabled proposals today at the bargaining table aimed at protecting and improving quality public health care in hospitals and communities across the province. Two key proposals address continued problems health authorities have in keeping and recruiting the health science professionals critical to the modern health care team.

Community social services: employer asks unions to remove monetary proposals

June 11, 2010
This week, the Community Social Services Employers Association requested that the unions rescind all monetary proposals. The unions have not yet responded to this request. The employers are still insisting on the provincial governments ‘zero financial mandate. Both sides are scheduled to meet seven more days through the end of the month. The union bargaining committee remains committed to achieving meaningful gains as mandated by our members. Josef Rieder represents HSA at the bargaining table, with HSA bargaining team chair Lynn Kelsey.

Rally June 23: International Trade Union Confederation on World Public Services Day

June 10, 2010
Trade Unionists from all over the world are gathering in Vancouver to attend the congress of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). The CLC and the ITUC invite all trade Unionists and supporters to a Rally on World Public Services Day and on the eve of G20. Theme:  Now the People: from the crisis to global justiceDate:     Wednesday, 23 JuneTime:     12:30 ... 1:15Place:     Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building Terrace 1055 Canada Place

Community social services: employer opens with ‘zero mandate

June 4, 2010
On Tuesday, the union bargaining committee for community social services workers met with the employers group to discuss proposals tabled in May. The Community Social Services Employers Association (CSSEA) tabled a concessionary package offering no monetary gains. Josef Rieder represents HSA at the bargaining table, with HSA bargaining team chair Lynn Kelsey. -CSSEA says the Liberal government is forcing them to stick to a ‘zero mandate, and is not able to offer any gains for our members," Rieder said.

On to Ottawa Trek: 75th anniversary highlights labour victories, goal to end homelessness

June 1, 2010
This June marks the 75th anniversary of the On to Ottawa Trek, when 1,000 young unemployed men climbed atop railway boxcars to take their plea for work and wages to the federal government. In 1935, unemployed workers were being forced into relief camps, and made to perform labour under military-style discipline -- for 20 cents a day. When workers finally organized a walkout to protest conditions, then-Vancouver mayor Gerry McGreer directed city police to beat the protestors. Two months later, the young protestors decided to take their message to Ottawa.

You play a big role in telling our story

June 1, 2010
The Report: June 2010 vol.31 num.3 FOR THE PAST SEVERAL YEARS, we have been working as a union to raise the profile of health science professionals. We've used many tools: advertising campaigns, sponsorship of community events like Run for the Cure, our constituency liaison program, our excellent relationships with professional associations.

No child left behind

June 1, 2010
The Report: June 2010 vol.31 num.3 AS ANYONE WHO HAS OBSERVED a group child care situation knows, there are always children who dont fit in. Kids who sit alone in a corner, kids who disrupt the group, kids the others avoid or pick on, kids the supervisor doesnt know how to handle, and kids who end up getting pulled from the program, leaving their parents, and themselves, in the lurch. HSA member Christine Ambrose is there to help these children.