What's up and what's not with union actions and grievances

The Report: October / November 1999 vol.20 num.3

ENPs get new wage rate 

HSA welcomed approximately 35 Electroneurophysiologists (ENPs) into the union inDecember 1996, when they were deemed paramedical professionals following an application tothe Labour Board under Bill 48.

On September 30, HSA and the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) finally reachedagreement on the placement of these ENPs into the paramedical professional collectiveagreement.

HSA negotiator Ron Ohmart said many ENPs can now expect a significant cheque forretroactive pay; the pay adjustment will apply all the way back to December 1996.

-These people should be commended for their patience during this long, involvedprocess," Ohmart said. -Special thanks are due to Frank Sanz, who works in theCapital Health Region, for his invaluable assistance throughout this process."

Ohmart noted that the unusual delay was due to many factors, including appeals of theLabour Relations Boards decision placing ENPs in HSA. -HEABC was reluctant toproceed with negotiations with us while these appeals were on-going," Ohmart said.-The process was complicated by the volume of employees newly covered by theparamedical agreement, and we had to take all of these people through the levellingprocess," he said.

-Each and every job classification and wage rate deserve our utmost attention andadvocacy. This can really affect our members lives, and have a real impact on theirjob satisfaction and quality of life."

Ohmart added, -While this agreement integrates ENPs into the paramedicalprofessional collective agreement, it doesnt resolve all the classifications issuesfor this group. These issues will have to be dealt with in the next round ofnegotiations," he said.

Our Electroneurophysiology members work in three fields: Electroencephalography (EEG),Electromyography (EMG), and Polysomnography (PSG). EEG Technologists measure theelectrical activity of the brain, while EMG Technologists measure the electrical activityof the neuro-muscular system. Polysomnographers measure the electrical activity of thebody during sleep.

Perfusionists now inparamedical contract

HSA reached an agreement on October 5 with HEABC to include Perfusionists in theparamedical professional collective agreement. HSA negotiator Ron Ohmart saidPerfusionists will now enjoy further benefits as offered by the paramedical contract.

In addition, Perfusionists will now receive an increased on-call premium retroactive toApril 1, 1999. Further provisions have been made to increase their wages to account fordifferences in the LTD plan.

Welcome to new members

HSA welcomes 27 new members at Delta Association for Child Development, and 29 newmembers at Campbell River Family Services.

These members will enjoy the new major improvements in wages and benefits recentlynegotiated between unions and the Community Social Services Employers Association.Benefits include employment security, paid vacation, sick leave, overtime provisions, andextensive health and welfare benefits.


HSA is grateful to community members Suzanne Schiltz (Comox Valley Transition House),Carrie Sjostrom (Campbell River & North Island Transition House) and Paul Geoghegan(John Howard Society) for their untiring efforts to organize new members in the communitysocial services sector.

HSA continues to organize in this sector. If you know someone working in the communitywho might be interested in unionizing for better wages and benefits, please have them callJosef Rieder at 439.0994, 813.5635 (cell), or 1.800.663.2017 (toll free).

Welcome to new members atKeremeos

HSA welcomes four new paramedical members at Keremeos Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.The new members work in Laboratory and Physiotherapy.

Because the employer for this facility is soon expected to become a member of HEABC,these new members will be varied into the paramedical professional collective agreementafter this transfer occurs.