Understanding the union advantage


The Report: April / May 2006 vol.27 num.2


oreen Schiele knows she has the right job. -This is actually what I wanted to do all along," she explained. -I feel like Im fulfilling my purpose in life." By -all along," Schiele means since the very beginning: early in her childhood it was clear that she was gifted with a rare degree of empathy.

Coreen Schiele
Residential Support Worker
Future Focus, Campbell River

-Back in elementary school I spent my lunch hours with the kids who needed extra help on their lunch breaks," she said. She didnt care if that made her look ‘uncool in the eyes of other children. -If my friends had something to say about me spending time with these kids Id say, ‘Would you want to be friendless and have people ignore you just because you had a dysfunction somewhere in your body?\ Today, Schieles compassion for those who need extra help is what fuels her working life. As a Residential Support Worker with Future Focus Program Services in Campbell River, she provides care for developmentally challenged adults.

-I deal specifically with two clients," Schiele said. -Ive been working with them for almost two years. I go to their home to provide one-on-one care