Striking community social services workers to rally in Vancouver


Striking community social services workers, angry and frustrated at the government's continued refusal to end wage and benefit discrimination in the sector, will hold a noon-hour rally tomorrow, May 13, in Vancouver.

The rally will be held:
12 noon
Thursday, May 13, 1999
Library Square (southwest corner at Homer and Robson)

The rally comes in the wake of strong public statements by the Minister for Children and Families, Lois Boone, suggesting the 10,000 community social services workers should be satisfied with the employer's last offer.

"We are appalled that Minister Boone has the audacity to take a public position that is quite opposite to what her government has been promising these workers for the last two years - and that is a commitment to parity with workers in the health sector," said Barry O'Neill, President of CUPE BC.

"Contrary to what the Minister is saying, the employer's last proposal does not include any long-range plan for parity with the health sector. What's more, the employer is refusing to address the problem of 24-hour live-in shifts or provide successorship protection, and is excluding child care workers from any wage and benefit increases."

Community social services workers are represented by the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Hospital Employees' Union and Health Sciences Association. The workers care for and work with the most vulnerable members of our society, including the very young and people with developmental disabilities. Community social services workers earn up to $8 an hour less than their counterparts in the health sector. Some make as little as $7.15 an hour. Others who work 24 hour live-in shifts average below minimum wage.


For more information contact:
Rebecca Maurer, Director of Communications
(604) 439-0994