Retroactive portability of seniority for RPNs

One-time only opportunity to apply for portability of previous seniority credits

In early 2008, the Nurses Bargaining Association was able to bargain a modification to portability of seniority for employees covered by the nurses provincial collective agreement. HSA was at the table representing our registered psychiatric nurse members.

The collective agreement will be modified so that regular employees will receive credit for seniority on the basis of seniority accrued with previous employers certified with one of the constituent unions of the Nurses Bargaining Association.

Portability occurs when you transferred from a regular full-time or part-time position at an employer covered by the nurses collective agreement to another regular full-time or part-time position at an employer similarly covered by the nurses agreement.

Seniority will be considered to be lost if a break in employment of six calendar months has occurred.

This is a one-time only opportunity to apply for portability of previous seniority credits.

Complete the attached application form for employees who wish to recover and port previous seniority.

All applicants must provide proof of previous seniority by one of the following methods:
• record of employment from previous employer
• letter of hire or letter of appointment from previous employer
• pension statement covering the years you are claiming
• T4 from previous years that you are claiming
• pay stubs
• CRNBC/CRPNBC statements of hours (records are only kept for five years)
• completed portability claim form from previous employer
• a notarized statement from an NBA member who worked with you at former worksite
• seniority list.

(Please send copies of any of the above as this documentation will not be returned.)

Application forms with proof of previous seniority must be submitted by October 31, 2009 to the attention of:

Pam Burns c/o BCNU
4060 Regent Street,
Burnaby, BC    V5C 6P5
Fax: 604.433.7945 (Lower Mainland) or 1.888.284.2222 (toll free in BC)

AND send a copy of your application to:

Jessica Bowering c/o HSA
300-5118 Joyce Street
Vancouver, BC     V5R 4H1
Fax: 604.439.0976 (Lower Mainland) or1.800.663.6119 (toll free in BC)

For more information, contact Jessica Bowering at the HSA office by phone, or by email: @email.

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Application for retroactive seniority
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