NUPGE marks Community Social Service workers' day with a call to federal government to increase funding for services

Larry Brown, President of the National Union of General and Public Employees (NUPGE) marked November 6, Community Social Service Workers' Day, with a call to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to increase support for community social services.

"Governments have consistently underestimated the funding required to provide the support services and programs necessary to ensure people are able to lead lives filled with opportunity and dignity," he says in the letter

"Our members working on the front line have stories too numerous to tell of how they use their own resources to ensure agencies can continue to function. These workers are some of the lowest paid in the “caring” sector, yet have become the most resourceful in making do with what they have because that’s always been their reality. The work is precarious and challenging, as the care clients require increases in complexity every day," Brown said.

Health Sciences Association of BC is a member union of NUPGE, and represents more than 1,000 community social services workers throughout British Columbia.

You can read the full letter here.