Locked out Pacific Blue Cross workers need your help

Members of CUPE Local 1816 have been involved in a lengthy labour dispute with Pacific Blue Cross over the company’s decision to claw back retiree benefits for current employees. PBC has refused to withdraw this serious concession and will not attend the bargaining table unless the union accepts the concession.
Since July 7, these workers have been locked out by the company. During this period, all benefit claims for PBC members have been processed by non-union exempt employees of Pacific Blue Cross.
Members looking for ways to support CUPE 1816 are asked to forgo using online services of Pacific Blue Cross and instead submit their claims by paper only via postal service. While this may result in payment delays, the 600 members of CUPE who work to process and deliver many HSA members’ benefits reimbursements believe that this action will help hasten a resolution to the labour dispute and a return to normal service levels.
CUPE 1816 wishes to thank PBC members who have shown their support in various ways, including support at the picket line in Burnaby.

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