HSA offers scholarships for 28th Western Region Summer Institute for Union Women - -Women Workers of the World Unite"

August 11 ... 15, 2009
University of California, at Los Angeles

The 28th Annual Western Regional Summer Institute on Union Women will be held August 11-15, 2009, at the University of California, Los Angeles.  The five day residential program brings together 150 participants from the United States' and Canada's western regions for exciting workshops and speakers on the history, struggles, and achievements of working women.

This year's theme, "Women Workers of the World Unite," speaks to the inclusion of participants who represent not only labour unions but also workers' centers, community groups, and other organizations that focus on social and economic justice issues. In addition to hosting participants from Canada, they have also extended an invitation to workers from Mexico to build tri-national solidarity for a global social justice agenda. 

The Western Region Summer Institute for Union Women offers an intensive week of learning within a supportive environment where union women can develop skills as workers, activists and leaders.

The Institute celebrates the solidarity of union women across boundaries of age, race and nation.  It is designed to create a positive learning experience for women to develop new skills and provide an opportunity to network and have fun in a safe relaxed atmosphere.

There will be a series of in-depth courses, workshops, solidarity and fun!  (Please see attached information sheet for course descriptions.)
HSA provides scholarships for members interested in participating in the five-day institute.  Scholarships include registration fees, transportation, accommodation, dependant care and wage replacement.  In addition, HSA supports the participation of daughters of HSA members by sponsoring a scholarship to attend the Summer Institute for Union Women.

If you would like more information about the Summer Institute for Union Women, or would like to apply for an HSA scholarship, course information and application forms are available on HSAs website at  If you require more information, please contact Karin Herbert at the HSA office. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Deadline for application is June 3, 2009

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