HSA members return Agnes Jackman as Region 4 Director

Agnes Jackman, a physiotherapist at George Pearson Rehabilitation Centre, has been acclaimed as the Region 4 representative on the HSA Board of Directors after the January 27th deadline passed with no further nominations.

Agnes has been an HSA member since 1973, when she started working as a physical therapist at Vancouver General Hospital. She was active in her professional association from 1977 to 1992 and has served as a union steward at the George Pearson Centre since the late 1990s.

Prior to her election as Regional Director in 2004, Agnes served as a Member-At-Large for Region 4. As Regional Director, she currently serves as chair of HSAs Run for the Cure Committee.

Agnes will begin her next two-year term at the conclusion of HSAs 2006 annual convention.

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