HSA donates $5,000 to East Africa drought relief; individual donations matched by federal government

HSAs board of directors has voted to support the relief efforts in the face of the severe drought in South Somalia, which has caused the deaths of tens of thousands, mostly children, and continues to affect over 10 million people.

The United Nations is currently mounting its largest relief effort ever to Eastern Africa in order to prevent the deaths of millions more.

HSAs donation of $5,000 is made to Oxfam. In Kenya, The agency aims to help 1.3 million people with clean water (provision of clean drinking water and borehole drilling and rehabilitation), hygiene promotion, cash for work, veterinary support and micronutrient supplements.

In Somalia, Oxfam will expand its work in clean water, sanitation facilities, hygiene promotion, veterinary drugs and micronutrient supplements to support three quarters of a million people as well as continuing a cash for work program.

In Ethiopia, the aim is to reach approximately one million people with clean water, basic sanitation, veterinary support, food and cash for work programs.

Individual donations are being matched by the federal government until September 16. HSA members are encouraged to support the relief efforts.

To make a donation, visit

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