Education fund available for HSA members in HSPBA agreement

(This information applies to HSA members of the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association.)

In January of 2008 the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association successfully negotiated an agreement to resolve issues flowing from the Supreme Court of Canada decision that certain sections of Bill 29 were unconstitutional. HSA made professional development for our members a priority. As a result, the final agreement included a fund for professional development education for all HSPBA members.

HSA is now accepting applications for funding for professional development education.

Professional development that could be considered for funding includes:

• upgrading (e.g. diploma to baccalaureate, baccalaureate to masters)
• changing from a current area of practice to a different specialty
• specialty training
• training in a different health science discipline
• upgrading language or writing skills
• upgrading computer skills
• professional development education conferences
• leadership/management courses relevant to a particular discipline
• courses designed to enhance personal/professional skills within an area of practice

If training you are planning to take is not specified on this list, you are still encouraged to apply. HSAs objective is to support your professional development.

We will consider courses commencing on or after February 1, 2008.

HSA wants to see as many members benefit from this opportunity as possible. That means that the priority will be to provide bursaries that cover all or part of tuition, program fees, and educational materials. The bursaries will not cover wage replacement.

The deadlines for application are March 15, 2009, July 15, 2009, November 15, 2009, and March 15, 2010 (please note that the March 15, 2010 deadline has been eliminated - the final deadline is now November 15, 2009). Please fill out and submit an application form prior to the application date closest to the start date of your program.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Thickett at email:, or by phone at 604.439.0994 (Lower Mainland) / 1.800.663.2017 (toll free in BC).

Application form.

Professional development funding criteria for HSA members.