Delegates reaffirm their support for breast cancer awareness and prevention

The Report: July / August 1998 vol.19 num.1

Breast cancer is a serious illness that takes many lives, and HSAmembers treat the issue with the attention it deserves - so much so that for the secondyear running, delegates to the annual convention voted to spend $20,000 in union funds topromote the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundations Run for the Cure.

The annual Run for the Cure is the Foundations key fundraisingevent. At convention, delegates voted to "contribute a total of $20,000 to the 1998Run for the Cure, with $10,000 allocated to direct financial support to the Run, and$10,000 allocated for enhancing member and chapter participation and awareness in thisevent."

Additionally, several delegates signed up to participate in the annualrun which takes place this year in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna and Vernon onOctober 4. Many expressed interest in starting runs in their own communities.

This resolution reaffirmed a resolution passed at last yearsconvention to "embrace and support the mission and objectives of the BC Chapter ofthe Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation."

An HSA Bulletin has gone out to all worksites urging members to sign upfor the run, make a pledge, or organize a team. Running isnt necessary - walking andwheeling are also welcome. Prizes will go to those who raise the most money in pledges.Members may wish to participate in a little friendly competition among individuals andchapters to see who can collect the most in pledges.

The Run for the Cure started seven years ago and last year raised $3.1million. The Foundation gives grants to several projects including breast screening unitsand group counselling services.

One in nine Canadian women will develop breast cancer during herlifetime, and one in 25 die from the disease. It is the leading cause of death for womenaged 35-55.

HSA Executive Director of Operations Maureen Whelan was recentlyelected to the Foundations board of directors.