CSS Bargaining Update – Looking to tell your stories

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association is continuing to meet with the employers’ association.
The Bargaining Committee is pushing to achieve the non-monetary priorities that members identified as important measures to address the challenges in the community social services sector.
By the end of last week, the Committee had tabled all non-monetary topics and interests for consideration. In-depth discussions of these critical issues will continue this week on these critical issues and there are several days of negotiations scheduled.
Front line stories are a powerful tool for the negotiating table. Members have told the Committee about how the global pandemic has affected working conditions in areas such as staffing, mental health, violence in the workplace and workloads.
To show the employer how badly change is needed, we want to share real-life examples of the challenges we face in these areas, but first we need to gather stories from members like you.
Have you personally experienced challenges related to the pandemic? 

Once the Committee has dealt with the non-monetary issues, we will move on to wages, benefits and other monetary topics. To this point, discussions have been productive and cooperative. However, the Committee has also heard clearly that cost of living protection is critical to achieving the agreement members deserve.
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