Community Social Services job action a success; continues this week


  • High profile targeted strike action by community social service workers took place in Vancouver, Kamloops and Prince George last week, with considerable public support and excellent media coverage;
  • Political action also took place today at Social Development Minister Moira Stillwells office in Vancouver;
  • Further targeted job action will take place late this week, with details to be announced.

Last week

More than 100 striking community social service workers from various unions rallied outside Premier Christy Clarks office in Kitsilano on Tuesday, October 16 calling on the government to make vulnerable families higher priority by improving funding for community-based social services. The strike message is focused on the government and the critical services you provide to vulnerable families. For more details, please refer to our strike leaflet.

Last Tuesday, protestors at Christy Clarks office carried picket signs, waved flags, and called on the provincial government to ensure a fair and reasonable deal that shows respect for community social services and the workers who provide them.

The rally received considerable public support ... honking, sirens, and more - and good media coverage . To view rally pictures, see the gallery on Facebook and Flickr.

Interior Community Services in Kamloops was the target of a full day of job action on Wednesday, October 17. Striking workers took their message to Liberal MLA Terry Lakes office in North Kamloops calling on the government to fund community social services. Pictures are available here.

More than 40 workers from AimHi headquarters were on strike on Thursday, October 18 on a cold day in Prince George. Striking workers brought the strike message to MLA Shirley Bonds office at midday. Pictures are available here.

Job action in Kamloops and Prince George received front-page regional media coverage.

Last week also saw multi-union radio and print ads being rolled out across the province in support of our bargaining objectives . We have also updated your bargaining committees website at

Your bargaining committee thanks all the workers and supporters who participated in last weeks job action. This has -crystallized" your strike vote, which means that the multi-union bargaining committee is now in a position to issue job action notice to any Community Living Services or General Services employer with 72 hours advance warning.

Your bargaining committee plans to continue using strategically targeted job action in the weeks ahead.

This week

Union activists took political action by rallying at Social Development Minister Moira Stillwells office today, Tuesday October 23rd.  There was no job action associated with this specific action.

Instead, a well-spoken community social service worker with 25 years experience has been invited to speak before the employers annual general meeting, which is also taking place this week. The worker will portray the very real challenges workers face in this sector to employer and government representatives directly.

Further job action is likely later this week, with details to be announced. Please note that workers will be contacted directly if your agency or workplace is a target for job action. We will target specific worksites in each community for each day of action. Do not take job action unless directed to do so by your union.

What you can do to show your support