Coalition urges provincial government to implement Ombudsperson's recommendations on seniors' care

The BC Health Coalition is urging the provincial government to immediately implement recommendations regarding rights for seniors in residential care made by Kim Carter, the provincial Ombudsperson.

-Recent government announcements regarding changes to seniors care have not been encouraging.  In fact, they move seniors care in the opposite direction with regressive user fee increases and no indication of any actual improvements to care," said Alice Edge, Co-Chair of the BC Health Coalition.

Included in the reports recommendations are the establishment of a website that will help residents, families and the public track levels of effective care, while allowing service providers to demonstrate the level of care they are committed to. In addition, the report also calls for an expanded role for resident and family councils.

-The Obmudspersons report is the result of an extensive transparent, inclusive and democratic process built from the concerns voiced by the citizens of British Columbia.  The current government needs to respect the legitimacy and integrity these recommendations carry and move immediately to implement them and improve seniors care," said Edge.

Seniors health will continue to be one of the BC Health Coalitions two major campaigns over the next year.

-We welcome and encourage collaborations with other groups through the province who are working for improvements to seniors care," said Edge.