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Delegates gather to share mobilizing ideas, debate issues

The Report: June / July 2003 vol.24 num.3


SAs 32nd annual convention wrapped up Saturday, April 12 after two days of debate on issues ranging from the Campbell governments record on health care and social services, to the unions support for the 2010 Olympic bid.

CoDevelopment Canada: HSA's help crucial in improving lives

The Report: April / May 2003 vol.24 num.2

The Committee for Equality and Social Action (CESA) is responsible for a donation budget of $35,865 annually (approximately half a percent of dues revenue). The committee reviews many donation requests, and allocates donation funds to approved requests. This year, the committee reviewed and debated the merits of more than 50 requests before deciding on the final distribution of this years donation budget.

Unpaid overtime hurts in the long run

The Report: April / May 2003 vol.24 num.2


ou can’t get something for nothing. It’s a common cliché. We’ve all heard it. Most of us have said it. But in the caring professions, there are few who live it.

Members urged to register by government deadline

The Report: April / May 2003 vol.24 num.2


hanges to the province’s Pharmacare plan are
certain to drive up drug costs for middle income earners. And that situation could worsen for those who have not registered with the plan by May 1.