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Health science professionals stage province-wide walk-outs next week

Health science professionals will continue to highlight their value to the provinces health care system with walk-outs next week targeting the diagnostic, clinical and rehabilitation professions represented by the health science unions.

"Next week, this province will have a new government. Gordon Campbell and the Liberals said over and over again during the recent election campaign that health care is a priority. We mean to ensure they do make it a priority by addressing the pressing issues of shortages in the health science professions," Stewart said.

Health science professionals strike to hit Okanagan on Friday

The unions representing 14,000 health science professionals started strike activity today with a province-wide ban on overtime and a one-day withdrawal of services in the Kootenays.

Health science professionals were set to rally at noon today in Nelson to send a message to the Health Employers' Association of BC and the government about the need to attract and retain health science professionals in the province's health care system.

Health science professionals to strike; walk-out set for Tuesday in Kootenays

The unions representing 14,000 health science professionals served strike notice today.

As a first step, about 475 health science professionals in the Kootenays will withdraw services from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Tuesday, May 22. Essential services will be maintained. The job action also includes a province-wide ban on overtime. Health science professionals will hold a rally at noon in Nelson to send a message to the Health Employers Association of BC and the new government.

Mediator asked to book out of talks; health science professionals plan job action

The unions representing 14,000 health science professionals today asked mediator Stephen Kelleher to book out of talks.

"After three months of negotiations, including several weeks with Mr. Kelleher's help, it's clear that the employer isn't interested in negotiating an agreement that will help keep highly skilled health care professionals here in BC," Health Sciences Association (HSA) President Cindy Stewart said.

Talks in jeopardy if employer refuses to make wage offer

With talks between health science professionals and the Health Employers Association of BC at a stalemate, the Health Sciences Association today threatened to walk away from mediated talks and serve strike notice.

But the union was convinced to stay at the table after mediator Stephen Kelleher extracted a commitment from the employer to return to the table Thursday with a wage offer.

Health science professionals vote for strike; mediator enters talks

HSA members have delivered a strong message to the Health Employers Association of B.C with a 90 per cent vote in favour of a strike.

But the HEABC pre-empted any immediate job action by applying for mediation in negotiations for a new contract for about 14,000 health science professionals.

Nurses announce new round of job actions

Overtime ban imposed 7 am Thursday to 7 am Sunday.

Community nurses will hold study sessions Monday to plan action for substantial boost in vehicle mileage rates.

The Nurses Bargaining Association today announced a new round of job action in its drive for a contract that will enable BC to compete globally to retain and recruit the nurses needed during the international nursing shortage.