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HSA members re-elect Kimball Finigan as Region 5 Director

HSA members in Region 5 have elected Kimball Finigan to a third term as their representative on the unions Board of Directors.  Kimball is a radiation therapist at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver.

The other candidate for election was Ramzan Anjum, a medical laboratory technologist at BC Childrens Hospital.

Urgent meeting re: anti-union agenda in Wisconsin

Following the US election, the Republican right launched an all-out attack on trade union and collective bargaining rights.  While other states have initiated anti-union legislation, Wisconsin has been the front-line of the assault, and a symbol of resistance to the conservative agenda. 

The Remaining Light film in Prince George

The Remaining Light film in Prince George (Part of the Traveling World Community Film Festival)

Date:  Thursday, March 24 @ 12:05 pm
Place:  Prince George Public Library, Bob Harkins Branch

Click here for full festival schedule and ticket information

The Remaining Light premiered at the World Community Film Festival in Vancouver, and we're thrilled to see it travel around the province.

Solidarity rally April 2 at Peace Arch

HSA is joining with unions across British Columbia, Oregon and Washington at a rally to stand in solidarity with workers who are struggling to keep their right to collectively bargain.

Final bargaining push to avoid labour dispute in community social services sector

Members of the community social services bargaining committee will be returning to the bargaining table next week, in a last ditch effort to avoid a labour dispute and reach new collective agreements for the sector. Bargaining will resume on Monday, March 21. 

Key demands remain job security for our members and to guarantee continuity of care for the clients they work with. Better language in the contracts covering fair work practices and safe and healthy work places is also needed.

Post-earthquake Haiti: hear an update from Partners in Health

Two upcoming events in Vancouver:

Public Health and Social Justice:  Partners in Health reports on post-earthquake Haiti

Date:  Wednesday March 23, 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Location: UBC: Room 200, Hennings Bldg, 6224 Agricultural Road, (across the Main Mall from the Student Union Building)

HSA elections in progress

Elections for Directors in Regions 5, 7 and 9 are currently underway.  Voting packages, including information about candidates, have been mailed to members in these three Regions. Candidate statements have also been posted in the -HSA Elections 2011" section of the unions website.  Members who are planning to vote in Regions 5, 7 and 9 are reminded that your ballots must reach the HSA office by 5:00 pm on Friday, March 18 in order to be counted.

HSA celebrates Community Social Services Month

To celebrate Community Social Services Month in BC, unions representing workers in the community social services sector have developed a poster, leaflet, and website.

These materials highlight the importance of the wide spectrum of crucial services provided by our members ... services for women, youths at risk, infants and children, as well as advocacy, rehabilitation, support and counselling services for the community. The website can be viewed at

UPDATED: Unions lead the fight for womens equality

March 8 marks the 100th Anniversary of International Womens Day.
Just a generation ago, when our mothers entered the workforce, job postings still listed higher wages for men ... -mens rates" ... alongside lower -womens rates," for people working side by side, doing exactly the same job.
While women have fought for and achieved many significant gains, the wage gap between women and men today remains staggering: almost 30 per cent. Women working full-time still only make 70 cents for every dollar men are paid.

Health science professionals vote to accept proposed collective agreement

Members of the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association have voted to accept the terms of collective agreement terms reached in late December.

-There is no question that the frustration felt by the bargaining committee, which was forced to deal with a government-imposed ‘net-zero mandate, was also felt by health science professionals who voted on the tentative agreement," said HSA President Reid Johnson.

The agreement passed with 57 per cent voting in favour.