Committee on Equality and Social Action


HSA supports the work of progressive groups in British Columbia and internationally through its Committee on Equality and Social Action, or CESA.

CESA administers the Equality and Social Action Fund, which was established in 1989 by a resolution passed by HSA annual convention delegates. The purpose of the fund is to make significant monetary contributions towards the promotion of social and economic justice, labour solidarity, protection of human rights, a healthy environment, and universal health care. The Committee on Equality and Social Action receives funding requests and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on how the fund should be allocated.

Within BC, some of the organizations that have been funded for several years include the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, the West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund, and Check Your Head - the Youth Global Education Network.

Internationally, HSA has been a northern partner of CoDevelopment Canada since 1989. For more than 20 years, CoDev has been building partnerships for global justice between people in Canada and Latin America. CoDev works in four program areas, each of which helps improve the lives of women, workers, and families in Latin America and in Canada. One of HSA's southern partners is APSIES, which encourages community development through health care and health promotion projects in El Salvador. CODEMUH and the Central American Maquila Workers Network are partner organizations that strive to improve the lives of women workers in maquiladoras through education of women workers and government lobbying.

HSA's Committee on Equality and Social Action members:

Heath McLeod (Chair, Director Region 8)
Robyn Kennett (Region 3)
Teresa Forbes (Region 2)
Manj Sandhu (Region 7)

Staff : Nadia Santoro

For more information about this committee, send an e-mail to the committee chair.