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Vaccinate or mask policy continues in BC for flu season

November 19, 2015
With flu season around the corner, HSA members are reminded of the provincial influenza control policy in effect in BC. In spite of changes in other provinces, the flu prevention policy in BC has not changed, and health care workers who choose not to be vaccinated have options available to them, including wearing a surgical mask. Health care workers must report their vaccination status confidentially through an on-line form. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Many HSA members to receive additional pay increase

November 18, 2015
Starting with the first pay period after February 1, 2016, most HSA members can expect a pay hike of 0.45% over and above the 5.5% increase rolling out over the life of the current contract. This increase is the result of the Economic Stability Dividend, a feature of the current agreement which requires the government to increase negotiated wages as a portion of provincial economic growth when it exceeds official forecasts.

2016 HSA steward elections

November 6, 2015
Elections will be held during the coming few weeks to select members to fill the following HSA positions for the coming year: 1. Chief Steward2. Assistant Chief Steward3. General Stewards4. Occupational Health & Safety Stewards and5. Labour Council Delegates (for chapters that are, or wish to become, affiliated to their local labour council).

Revised Medical Information Form to be Used by All CSSEA Agencies Following Arbitrator Decision

November 5, 2015
An arbitrator has ordered employers to use a revised medical information form following a grievance filed by the union bargaining association that represents Community Social Services workers.   The new information form offers a balance between an employee’s right to privacy and an employer’s right to information.  

HSA promotes professions in province-wide ad campaign

November 2, 2015
Last week, HSA launched a series of radio ads designed to promote the work of our diverse professions. The series of five ads, broadcasting on radio stations across the province for the next six weeks, demonstrate how our many professions connect to each other, and how we connect the public to modern health care. You can listen to the ads here:

2016 Canadian Labour Congress Winter School

October 27, 2015
One of Canada's best labour schools, held at Harrison Hot Springs, in January and February 2016

RPNs share their stories in new HSA video

October 21, 2015
Last month over 50 RPNs from around BC came together for the RPN Summit on Workplace Violence at the HSA Head Office. Today, we’re releasing a video featuring HSA RPN members as they share their experiences with violence in the workplace.

HSA conducting member survey

October 20, 2015
HSA has contracted with Viewpoints Research to conduct a survey to find out more about how HSA members feel about how their union responds to concerns and communicates important information. A representative sample of members across the province will be selected randomly and contacted by telephone. Your feedback is important. Note that this is one of many opportunities allowing members to share their thoughts about our strategic plan for the next few years.

FAQ: Do I get time off to vote in Monday's federal election?

October 14, 2015
On October 19, HSA members will help elect a new federal government. Members are encouraged to vote for candidates who support public services, and the people who deliver them. Many members have asked whether they get time off to vote. 

Cease and Desist Order Against BCNU Raiding at Royal Jubilee Hospital

October 9, 2015
We’ve released an urgent video from Jenny, an RPN at Royal Inland Hospital, to share her experience with the BCNU raiding last year. With this video we’re building further awareness about the risks and dangers that HSA RPN's and their patients are facing from BCNU activities.