Interior Health Authority laboratory services restructuring

Updated October 2, 2015

Recent news:


Members are urged to attend a series of local meetings to discuss concerns related to a significant redesign of lab services expected to affect 23 sites over the next two years.

The meetings, set up by Interior Health Authority, will be held between early October and December 11. For information about the date, time and location of the meeting in your facility, please refer to the September 24 memo sent to you by Terry Brent of IHA, or contact us via

HSA representatives will be in attendance at each meeting to help make sure local members are able to ask questions and express their concerns.
Once all the meetings have taken place we will contact members to discuss next steps.


A massive redesign of laboratory services in Interior Health Authority has been announced by the health authority. Changes over the next two years include consolidation of all services to the Kelowna General Hospital lab, and the expanded use of Point of Care (POC) testing. The changes are expected to affect 23 sites across IHA.

In July 2015,  team of HSA labour relations experts met with the employer (IHA) to discuss the changes and the potential consequences for HSA members working in the labs. IHA claims the planned changes in service will not lead to job loss for technologists across the Health Authority. However, as restructuring in health care has come to be code for controlling spending that ultimately leads to reduced care for patients, HSA will be monitoring developments closely.

We have set up a dedicated email address for members to keep up as up to date as possible on developments in IHA lab structures. Any changes you experience or hear about, including changes in job duties, decreases in available overtime, unfilled vacancies, etc. should be reported to HSA through

HSA and its members have an established reputation of working cooperatively with health authorities to improve practices and processes that ensure innovative approaches to address the needs of patients. HSA plans to work in this spirit with IHA, but will ensure that HSA members and patient care are protected through the restructuring.