Interior Health Authority laboratory services reorganization

Updated February 27, 2012

On February 22. 2012, HSA and Interior Health Authority (IHA) arrived at a Labour Adjustment Plan that reduces the negative impact on members caused by the IHA's wholesale restructuring of lab services.

Under the restructured system, 52 members will be affected. There are 58 positions available for those members.

Negotiated by HSA labour relations staff Dave Martin and Dan Parent, with input and consultation with HSA lab technologists Neil Lalach (Kelowna General Hospital), Donna Mason (Golden and District General Hospital), and Brenda Polutnik (East Kootenay Regional Hospital), highlights of the Labour Adjustment Plan include:

  • All affected members will be wage-protected (red-circled), even if they move into a lower graded position
  • A job fair process to allow affected members to fill vacancies based on seniority without competition, provided they meet the qualifications for the job
  • Current Professional Practice Leaders (chief paramedicals) will have first priority to fill new or vacant PPL positions by seniority
  • Current site-specific Section Heads will have first priority to fill new or vacant Operations Supervisor positions at their current site by seniority
  • Retention of displacement and bumping rights (with red-circling) for members who choose not to fill an available vacancy
  • The plan encourages members to opt to fill available vacancies – protecting them from bumping or displacement

While HSA was able to negotiate some relief in IHA's Labour Adjustment Plan, the union was not able to reach agreement on some issues. There will be some disputes arising regarding the pay rates being assigned to certain positions, particularly the Technical Specialists.

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