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Union trustees named to Joint Benefits Trust

June 22, 2015
The 2014-2019 HSPBA collective agreement includes provisions committing the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA) and Health Employers' Association of BC (HEABC) to establish the Joint Health Science Benefits Trust (JHSBT) for provision of health and welfare benefits. The JHSBT will be governed by a Board of Trustees with an equal number of trustees appointed by HSPBA and HEABC, and members of the HSPBA Working Group have now been selected to act as interim trustees. The Working Group members and interim trustees are:

New structure for better and more secure benefits

June 22, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 BY DENNIS BLATCHFORDHSA PENSIONS AND BENEFITS ADVOCATE Q: I understand there was a presentation on the new health and welfare trust at the recent HSA annual convention. What were the highlights?

The backbone of the union

June 19, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 By Val Avery, President Once again, I am honoured to have been elected to serve as your president. These are challenging times for people who work in health care and community social services. These are challenging times for unions. But we've proven that we can overcome these challenges – when we work together. We may represent over 100 different professions, but those differences don't divide us, they make us stronger. We are diverse, but not divided. Unique, but united.

The making of a leader

June 18, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 When Rachel Notley made history on May 5, no one was prouder than the HSA staff and members who worked with her back in the day. Notley, who led Alberta's New Democrats from four seats to government, ending 44 years of Progressive Conservative rule, worked at HSA from 1994 to 2002, representing injured workers and helping members with occupational health and safety issues.

Growing up on the picket lines

June 18, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 Val Avery was re-elected president of HSA by delegates attending convention in May. In her remarks just prior to balloting, she spoke of how er roots in the labour movement fuel her determination to fight for the future of HSA members. The full text of her speech follows. -------

Time for a better choice

June 16, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 BY CAROL RIVIERE The upcoming federal election is an opportunity for all of us to take a stand on issues that matter. Issues like child care, good jobs, retirement security, and health care matter to Canadians, and in this election voters have a chance to make a better choice.

Stasia Hasumi, crisis intervention support worker

June 16, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN Stasia Hasumi, a Crisis Intervention Support Worker at the Comox Valley Transition Society, has plenty of high-stress moments at work. As a front-line worker at a 12-bed transition house for women and children, she needs to respond moment-by-moment to the needs of women facing danger, trauma and severely disrupted lives.

2015 Bland award honours sonographers

June 15, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 HSA member David Bland was a vocational counsellor who worked at Richmond Mental Health Services. At the end of an otherwise ordinary work day in January of 2005, as David left his workplace, a former client was waiting in the parking lot – and fatally stabbed David. To honour his memory, the union established the David Bland Memorial Award in 2007 to honour the important work that members undertake as advocates for their colleagues in ensuring we all work in a safe environment.

Unique but united: HSA Convention 2015

June 14, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, JUNE 2015 Acknowleding the diversity of HSA members and the issues they care about, HSA President Val Avery opened the convention with a report on how the board of directors, committees and activists must daily strive to balance demands and goals.

Patient transfer drivers reach tentative agreement on first contract

June 12, 2015
With the assistance of mediator Vince Ready, CUPE 873-03 and SN Transport have agreed to terms for a tentative agreement. Details of the first collective agreement for the local, reached last night after one session of mediated talks that began yesterday, will be disclosed to members at a ratification meeting scheduled for Tuesday (June 16).