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Equal Voice Canada seeking young women for parliament

October 26, 2018
Are you or do you know a young woman who is an emerging leader? Equal Voice Canada wants you. Equal Voice invites young women, ages 18 to 23, from across the country to apply to be one of 338 dynamic and diverse emerging leaders who will be in session in Canada’s Parliament April 2019 with Daughters of the Vote. One participant from every federal riding in Canada will be chosen to represent her community and vision for Canada. 

HSA Members Urged to Vote in Municipal Election

October 18, 2018
On Saturday, October 20, 2018 British Columbians head to the polls to elect mayors, municipal councillors, school trustees, and regional district representatives.   These local representatives play a critical role in creating liveable communities and as advocates for our communities with higher levels of government.   Overall, fewer than 25 per cent of eligible voters actually cast a ballot in BC’s local government elections. HSA urges members to help reverse this trend by learning more about the candidates in your community and exercising your vote.  

Investing in people is investing in health care and social services, HSA tells provincial budget committee

October 11, 2018
HSA President Val Avery presented to the provincial legislature’s Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services this week, and urged government to invest wisely in the people who deliver the health care and social services British Columbians rely on. “The provincial government’s promising and ambitious new health care directions will require health human resources planning for health science professionals, and should not be limited to one or two professions, such as nursing and medicine where the greatest focus remains,” Avery told the committee.

Young workers encouraged to participate in BC Federation of Labour Young Workers’ Committee

October 5, 2018
The Young Workers’ Committee (YWC) is a standing committee of the BC Federation of Labour (BC Fed) dedicated to encouraging union participation among young people and to address inequity that young workers face as a result of discriminatory beliefs, policies, and legislation.  

Bargaining Update #3: Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association

October 1, 2018
Quality public health care continues to be the focus for HSPBA negotiators Negotiating teams head back into talks tomorrow to continue bargaining for a new collective agreement for the province’s 18,000 health science professionals working in hospitals and communities around the province.

Solidarity for Everyone - An HSA Diversity Workshop - Registration now Open

September 27, 2018
Solidarity for Everyone An HSA Diversity Workshop   DATE: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 TIME: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm LOCATION: HSA Head Office - 180 East Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC Solidarity Includes Everyone: Transgender people and your union.  

Bargaining Update #2: Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association

September 24, 2018
Update on Contract Talks for BC's Health Science Professionals

Strengthening health services for Indigenous peoples

September 11, 2018
Strengthening health services for Indigenous peoples An interview with Charlene Hellson, Aboriginal Wellness Program Coordinator, Vancouver Coastal HealthThe Report, September 2018

Proportional representation: a more democratic way to do politics

September 11, 2018
Proportional representation: a more democratic way to do politicsThe Report, September 2018 If a party gets 40 per cent of the votes, it should receive 40 per cent of the seats. This is the central feature of a proportional representation (PR) electoral system. While there are different models of PR that achieve this, all variations of PR seek to create a more direct link between who voters vote for and who gets elected.

Music therapy as a tool for rehabilitation

September 11, 2018
 “IT’S OFTEN THE BUY-IN TO STAY IN RECOVERY”MUSIC THERAPY AS A TOOL FOR REHABILITATION The Report , September 2018 Most people assume music therapy is either a sing-along or relaxation, according to HSA member and music therapist Kevin Kirkland. “That is part of what you do, but just a small part.”