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"I was bullied by BCNU"

September 23, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 "It got so bad I started to think about moving. I thought, If this is the way they were behaving towards me now, what were they going to be like if they were my union and I depended on them to represent me?" Jenny Orriss is calm and articulate when she tells the story, but you can sense her frustration, her anxiety. More than anything, you sense her strength.

36 billion and 12 reasons to vote for change

September 23, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 1. WE NEED A GOVERNMENT THAT CARES ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH CARE A $36 BILLION CUT TO HEALTH CARE In 2014, the Health Accord, an agreement between the federal government and the provinces that ensures equal access, proper funding, and high standards for health care in Canada, expired. The provinces are asking for a new Accord, but the federal government has refused to strike a new deal. Instead, the Harper Conservatives plan to cut $36 billion in health care funding after the election.

Every. Single. Vote. Matters.

September 23, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 BY VAL AVERYPRESIDENT, HSA HSA is a non-partisan union, but that doesn't mean we don't speak up on the issues that matter to our members. On October 19, Canadians have a chance to make a choice that will decide the future of our country for the next four years, and far beyond that. HSA doesn’t promote specific political parties or candidates, but our members count on their union to defend their interests, and there is plenty at stake in this election.

How to vote

September 15, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 iT'S NOT AS EASY AS BEFORE, SO LISTEN UP The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has changed Canada's election rules, making it much harder for all citizens to vote in their elections, and preventing Elections Canada from raising awareness about the new rules for voting. Please take a few minutes to make your plan.

Easter Tocol, social worker and constituency liaison

September 11, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 BY LAURA BUSHEIKIN "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." This quote by anthropologist Margaret Mead nicely sums up the motivation social worker Easter Tocol brings to her work with the HSA constituency liaison program.

HSA members lead health care innovation

September 10, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 HSA health science professionals dominated the field at the 2015 Providence Health Care research challenge The research challenge, now in its fifth year, supports evidence-based innovation to improve patient care. It provides point of care health care workers with no formal research experience an opportunity to conduct research to inform their work in patient care, and ultimately to influence practice.

Maternity Leave? Don't forget to purchase pension contributions

September 9, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 BY DENNIS BLATCHFORD, HSA PENSIONS AND BENEFITS ADVOCATE Q: I took a maternity leave in 2014. When I received my annual member benefit statement from the Municipal Pension Plan in June, I noticed there were no contributions made to my pension account even though the collective agreement says the employer will continue to make payments "as if the employee was not absent". Why didn't my employer make pension contributions during my maternity leave?

Changes provide stronger safety regulations

September 9, 2015
HSA REPORT MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2015 BY DAVID DURNING, HSA OHS OFFICER Recent amendments to the Workers Compensation Act are meant to improve workplace health and safety and to provide stronger tools to WorkSafeBC officers for enforcing the Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

Agreement in principle reached on 37.5 hour work week grievances

September 4, 2015
Earlier this summer, unions belonging to the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association reached a settlement agreement in principle with respect to outstanding grievances about 37.5 hour work week process at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. As a result of this agreement in principle, schedules will not change, but grievors will receive one of two different possible settlements:

Labour Day events around BC

September 2, 2015
Celebrate Labour Day in your community Campbell River Courtenay DLC PicnicHalbe Hall8369 North Island HwyBlack Creek BCMonday, September 712:00 noon - 4:00 pmContact: Campbell River Courtenay DLC250-287-3854 East Kootenay DLC PicnicRotary ParkCranbrook BCMonday, September 711:00 am - 4:00 pmContact: East Kootenay