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Agreement reached on extended health care benefits for paramedical professionals

September 13, 2004
BL9993 The Paramedical Professional Bargaining Association (PPBA) and the Health Employers' Association of BC (HEABC) have reached an agreement on an outstanding dispute regarding extended health care benefits. The dispute stems from HEABC's directive to Pacific Blue Cross that the collective agreement did not require it to cover the additional costs arising from the BC government's decision to de-list physiotherapy, chiropractic services, massage therapy and podiatry.

Canadians want Ottawa to police health care spending

September 2, 2004
Most citizens disagree with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein's demand that Ottawa give provinces money with no strings attached Ottawa - On the eve of the First Ministers meeting on health care, a strong majority of Canadians in every region ... including Alberta ... disagree with Alberta premier Ralph Kleins opposition to conditions being imposed on new federal health care funding to the provincial governments.

National strategy needed to address shortages

September 1, 2004
The Report: September / October 2004 vol.25 num.5 by CINDY STEWART

Reporting injuries

September 1, 2004
The Report: September / October 2004 vol.25 num.5 by SARAH O'LEARY

Speaking out about workplace safety

September 1, 2004
The Report: September / October 2004 vol.25 num.5 by LAURA BUSHEIKIN

Turning passion into action

September 1, 2004
The Report: September / October 2004 vol.25 num.5 by MIRIAM SOBRINO usan Hearsey describes herself as “boring.” She’s a physiotherapist who loves the work. She eats, sleeps and breathes physiotherapy. She takes physiotherapy books and magazines with her for holiday reading.

OH&S Steward Training

August 26, 2004
EB04-07 HSA is offering the following OH&S steward workshops: Workshop I - October 25 & 26, 2004 - Basic Training "*CANCELLED"* Workshop II - November 8 & 9, 2004 - Basic Training Workshop III - December 6 & 7, 2004 - Advanced Training

New joint program will assist ill or injured community social services workers to return to work

July 20, 2004
BL9991 CSSEIP is a pro-active, customized return to work program Today the Union Bargaining Association (UBA) and Community Social Services Employers' Association (CSSEA) launched a new joint program to assist workers who are ill or injured return to work. The new program is called CSSEIP - the Community Social Services Early Intervention Program. It involves employers, employees, unions and the Healthcare Benefit Trust (HBT) all working together in a proactive, customized return to work program for workers who are ill or injured.

BARGAINING UPDATE #11: Health science professionals urged to vote YES!

July 20, 2004
PARAMEDICAL PROFESSIONAL BARGAINING ASSOCIATION Bargaining Update #11 PDF Version (Adobe Acrobat required)