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Wage increase a top priority for health science professionals

January 27, 2006
Health Science Professionals play an essential role in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of health care patients and they deserve a contract that recognizes their value.That's the message from members of the Health Sciences Association of BC following HSA's three-day bargaining conference in Vancouver. HSA represents 12,000 health science professionals across the province.

HEABC encouraged to speed up pace to achieve fair settlement

January 26, 2006
Talks for a new contract for 13,000 community health care workers wont resume until next week to allow negotiators for the Health Employers Association of B.C. to review the unions bargaining demands after the two sides exchanged proposals yesterday afternoon. Download full text as PDF

'Mean-spirited' moves set negative tone

January 25, 2006
Employers are choking off pay rates above what the collective agreement says and firing up the rumour mill as community social services contract talks are set to begin. Download full text as PDF

Community health talks off to slow start, but formal proposals to be exchanged today

January 25, 2006
It took a bit of prodding at yesterdays opening session of contract talks for 13,000 community health workers, including 600 HSA members, but health employers have agreed to exchange most contract proposals when bargaining resumes today in Burnaby. Download full text as PDF

Nurses' Bargaining Association policy discussion underway

January 24, 2006
In the lead up to provincial bargaining, policy discussions have begun with representatives from all health authorities plus Providence Health Care, Ministry of Health, Health Employers' Association of BC and the Nurses Bargaining Association (BC Nurses Union, Health Sciences Association and Union of Psychiatric Nurses). Participants include BCNU Council members representing nurses in each Health Authority and Providence as well as representation of HSA and UPN.

Social services workers set sights for talks

January 24, 2006
Community social service workers say wages, benefits and strengthening resources for social services top their demands for a new contract. -We are serious about reaching an agreement that addresses all the issues, and hope that the employers are serious about wanting to reach a settlement," said Chris Mullen, Chief Spokesperson for the Union Bargaining Association (UBA). Download full text as PDF

HSA members urged to vote in federal election

January 16, 2006
On January 23, HSA members will head to the polls to elect a new federal government. The Members of Parliament we elect can have a huge impact on the health care and community social services that HSA members provide. HSA urges members to examine the positions of the parties on these issues, and to vote for candidates who will support public health care and community social services. General voting day: Monday, January 23

Regular part-time staff are entitled to sick leave when working additional shifts

January 11, 2006
Labour Arbitrator Donald Munroe has ruled that regular part-time employees covered by the Paramedical Professional collective agreement in the Interior Health Authority (IHA) are entitled to sick leave for shifts scheduled outside their regular part-time schedule. HSA filed a grievance in February 2005 after the IHA issued a directive saying regular part time employees who missed shifts outside their regular schedule were not entitled to sick leave benefits for those additional shifts.

Scholarships and bursaries available for HSA members and their families

January 10, 2006
HSA is offering scholarships and bursaries to all members and their children. We will be awarding ten scholarships for full-time studies; ten bursaries for full-time studies; five bursaries for part-time studies and two aboriginal scholarships. The criteria and details are set out on the application forms. To obtain a copy please download the applications below or contact your chief steward who will have a copy of these forms.

Reminder regarding convention and election deadlines

January 10, 2006
REGIONAL DIRECTOR ELECTIONS A reminder that Regions 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 are holding elections for Regional Director. All HSA members in these regions are encouraged to put their names forward for nomination.