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Friends of Medicare campaign to promote positive, public solutions to provinces health care challenges

May 16, 2007
Dr. Jacky Davis, founder of the UK's Save our NHS. The BC Health Coalition, along with Canadian Doctors for Medicare, Oxfam and the Council of Canadians, today launched Friends of Medicare, a campaign to protect and improve public health care in B.C.

BC Health Coalition launches Friends of Medicare campaign

May 15, 2007
BC Health Coalition launches Friends of Medicare campaign, calls for positive, public solutions to health care challenges This week, the BC Health Coalition, along with Canadian Doctors for Medicare, Oxfam and the Council of Canadians, will officially launch its Friends of Medicare campaign.  Focused on strengthening universal medicare in B.C., the coalition will expand its work with citizens across the province to promote positive, public solutions to health care challenges.

Who says we can't afford public health care?

May 15, 2007
It's a fact - improving public health care is within our means.  Find out how. The Nelson and Area Society for Health, the Council of Canadians and the BC Health Coalition invite you to a Public Solutions Forum. Tuesday, May 227:00 p.m.717 Vernon Street, Nelson Printer-friendly poster.

Completing Tommy's Vision:Next Steps to Expand and Improve Canada's Medicare System

May 9, 2007
More than 600 delegates gathered on May 3 and 4 in the birthplace of the nation's Medicare system -- Regina, Saskatchewan -- to unite behind Tommy Douglas' vision for public health care. The conference S.O.S. Medicare 2: Looking Forward, brought together a stunning array of leading health care thinkers, providers, and activists in Canada, the U.S., and abroad. Delegates included academics, community activists, seniors, and students.

CESA raises awareness about May 17, International Day Against Homophobia

May 9, 2007
HSAs Committee on Equality and Social Action is encouraging HSA members to participate in the the International Day Against Homophobia by raising awareness about the day. Spearheaded by Fondation Émergence, the first day set aside to fight homophobia was held in Québec in 2003. The Day has expanded across Canada and then to Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. Since then several countries have declared May 17 as the International Day Against Homophobia.

Innovative surgical projects show how waitlists can be solved

May 8, 2007
(Vancouver) Surgical waitlists can be dramatically cut if the BC government takes leadership by scaling up innovative projects already underway in the public system, a new study says. Why Wait? Public Solutions to Cure Surgical Waitlists, released today by the CCPA and the BC Health Coalition, is a submission to the BC government's 'conversation on health.' The study looks at five groundbreaking projects in BC, and successful initiatives in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Public health forum - Friends of Medicare - Join us!

May 8, 2007
Would UK-style changes to our health care system benefit patients?  Or corporations? PUBLIC HEALTH FOURUM - FRIENDS OF MEDICARE - JOIN US! Thursday, May 177pm - 9pmCroatian Cultural Centre3250 Commercial Drive, Auditorium 2 Featuring: Jacky Davis, London doctor and founding member of Keep NHS PublicWill McMartin, Political commentator & contributor to The Tyee

Nurses Bargaining Association 2006-2010 contracts now available for all members

May 4, 2007
The final version of the 2006-2010 Collective Agreement between the Nurses Bargaining Association and the Health Employers Association of B.C. has been delivered to employers throughout the province for distribution. Employers have accepted responsibility for distribution of the contract to members. If you have not yet received a copy of your collective agreement, please be in touch with your facilitys human resources department.

CML collective bargaining on hold as HSA awaits decision on Lower Mainland certification

May 3, 2007
Bargaining for a collective agreement between HSA and CML Healthcare on Vancouver Island has been put on hold as the Labour Relations Board deliberates an application by HSA to include CML employees at Lower Mainland locations in the Vancouver Island bargaining unit. In January, HSA made an application to include Lower Mainland CML Healthcare employees in the existing Vancouver Island HSA bargaining unit. CML has opposed the application, arguing that Island and Lower Mainland employees should not be allowed to bargain together for improvements to wages and working conditions.

Public health care forum: Friends of Medicare - join us!

May 3, 2007
Would UK-style changes to our health care system benefit patients?  Or corporations? Public health care forum: Tuesday, May 157pm - 9pmTHOMPSON RIVER UNIVERSITY ALUMNI THEATREClock Tower Building, Kamloops For more information and a printer-friendly version of the poster, click here.