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Federal budget: surplus of rhetoric, deficit of real solutions

February 27, 2008
What Finance Minister Jim Flaherty calls a budget of -focus, prudence, and discipline" is actually -feeble, paltry and disappointing," says Larry Brown, secretary-treasurer of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). See NUPGE's reaction to the federal budget here.

February 29 is RSI Awareness Day

February 26, 2008
The Canadian Labour Congress is calling on governments to take the issue of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) more seriously. Statistics Canada reported in 2003 that one in 10 Canadians suffers from an RSI enough to limit their normal activities. Download leaflet here.

An unbalanced and unfair budget

February 26, 2008
The Canadian Labour Congress says todays budget makes one thingclear for ordinary working people trying to make ends meet in an economy that offers less: this government is not on your side. See the CLC's analysis of the 2008 federal budget here.

Mortality rates lower for stroke patients with post-care therapy

February 26, 2008
According to new research by the Canadian Stroke Network (CSN), nine out of 10 hospital deaths involving recovering stroke patients could be prevented if they were put in an organized follow-up program that involved care provided by health science professionals such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Health care needs people

February 25, 2008
HSA President Reid Johnson responds to February 24, 2008 Vancouver Province columnist Brian Lewis, who praises the new facilities and equipment at the Abbotsford P3 hospital set to open next year. See letter to the editor here.

Additional steward workshop scheduled

February 21, 2008
Due to increased demand for OH&S steward training, HSA is offering the following workshop: OH&S Steward Training Level 1 (2-day workshop): May 26 and 27, 2008 Please apply ASAP as workshops have been filling up quickly. Download Pre-registration form

Celebrate International Women's Day in Nanaimo

February 20, 2008
The Canadian Labour Congress hosts an International Women's Day lunch Saturday, March 8 at the Nanaimo Golf Club featuring guest spearkers Jean Crowder, MP,  Nanaimo-Cowichan; Jackie Miller, President, BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union, and Claire Trevena, MLA, North Island and Opposition Critic for Childcare, Early Childhood Education & Women's Issues.   See further details.

Celebrate International Women's Day in Victoria

February 20, 2008
The Canadian Labour Congress hosts an International Women's Day lunch Saturday March 8 featuring guest speakers Denise Savoie, NDP Member of Parliament and Stephanie Seaman BCGEU and Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC board member. See further details.

Canadians being kept in dark about privatization

February 20, 2008
Canadians are being kept in the dark about developments that threaten the integrity and viability of Medicare, the Canadian Health Coalition charged today. See news release.

Provincial budget fails BC patients

February 19, 2008
The 2008 provincial budget fails to address the needs of BC patients, Reid Johnson, President of the Health Sciences Association of B.C. charged. -The budget demonstrates the government has no plan to address the key challenge in BCs health care system ... human resources planning," Johnson said. -Furthermore, the most significant spending commitment made by the government today is to move toward a funding model that pits hospitals and health authorities against each other in competition for patient funding."