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2009 HSA Convention to be held April 23-25 in Vancouver

December 16, 2008
Thenext HSA Annual Convention will take place April 23-25, 2008 at the FairmontHotel Vancouver in Vancouver. AllHSA members are welcome to attend and speak at the convention.  However, only delegates have the right tovote. Forchapters with 49 or fewer members, the HSA chief steward is the soledelegate.  If the chief steward is notattending convention, an alternate should be identified.  Chapters with more than 49 members areentitled to one additional delegate for each additional 50 members or portionthereof.

...Therefore be it resolved

December 16, 2008
HSA members will soon be preparing for the 2009 HSA Convention, to be held April 23, 24, & 25, 2009 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Conventions are where chapters from around the province determine the future direction of the union.  Policies, actions, constitutional amendments, structural changes are all discussed and debated at convention.

Nominations open for Regional Director positions in Region 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9

December 16, 2008
This year, Regional Director elections will take place in Regions 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9.  All HSA members in these regions are encouraged to put their name forward for these important positions. Directors meet, on average, every six weeks and take an active leadership role in representing the union.  They will receive wage replacement for the time they spend in official meetings at their own regular rate of pay.  Part-time and casual members are reimbursed as if they were at work during the meetings they attend.

Nominations open for HSA President

December 16, 2008
HSAs 2009 Annual Convention will include an election for the position of President, a full-time position that carries a two-year term. All members in good standing are eligible to run for President when nominated in writing by six members.   Nominations for President are open until the final call for nominations takes place on the last day of convention Saturday, April 25, 2009.

Election Campaign School for Women

December 16, 2008
Are you a woman considering either running for elected office, or working in a key position in a future election campaign?  If so, then the annual Canadian Women Voters Congress Womens Campaign School is for you. Dates:  March 27-29,  2009Location:  SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

Union holiday open house at Vancouver Hospital

December 12, 2008
HSA, HEU and BCNU chapters at Vancouver Hospital are hosting a holiday season open house and invite all to enjoy holiday treats and camaraderie. Date: Thursday, December 18 Time: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Place: Ground Floor, Room 100A865 West 10th Avenue Everyone welcome. Download invitation here.

HSA Political Action Fund available to support members in provincial election

December 9, 2008
HSA members throughout the province who are running for office or working on campaigns in the May 2009 provincial election can apply to HSA for the following financial support from HSAs Political Action Fund: 1. Members who are candidates can apply for up to 20 days of wage replacement and/or up to $200 to cover approved personal expenses incurred to run for office.

BC Health Coalition plans 2009 seniors' health care campaign

December 9, 2008
Today the BC Health Coalition announced the upcoming January 2009 launch of their Seniors Health Care campaign, Broken Promises. The campaign will be focused on the growing crisis in seniors health around BC.

Central American tour planned to learn about HSA-supported projects

December 9, 2008
Solidarity is more than making donations. Personal contact and relationships between people from the north and the south can be as important as money. In partnership with CoDevelopment Canada,  HSA has supported the Honduran women workers organization CODEMUH, and the Salvadoran Association for Integrated Health and Social Services (APSIES) in Central America.  In March 2009, a tour will visit both projects and provide opportunities to do some rural community health work.

'We've got an extremely rare opportunity right now'

December 8, 2008
An open letter from NUPGE President James Clancy Dear Friends: Thank you! In the last week you proved that change can happen. Together, we worked hard, mobilized quickly and forced Stephen Harper to back off critical parts of his economic statement, which offered nothing to address the current economic crisis and instead attacked workers rights and the opposition parties.