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Information meetings begin this week on FHA consolidated seniority lists; HSA members encouraged to attend

October 11, 2011
In the last round of HSPBA collective bargaining, the HSPBA and HEABC agreed to a memorandum to allow consolidation of seniority lists across all health authorities.  

HSA steward elections

October 6, 2011
Elections will be held during the next 8 weeks to select members to fill the following HSA positions for the coming year: 1. Chief Steward2. Assistant Chief Steward3. General Stewards4. Occupational Health & Safety Stewards and5. Labour Council Delegates (for chapters that are, or wish to become, affiliated to their local labour council).

IHA plan for lab reorganization to be revealed; members urged to attend information meetings

October 4, 2011
At the end of August, the Interior Health Authority revealed it planned to implement a major reorganization of laboratory services in the region. The plans will be shared with IHA staff over the next two weeks at meetings where laboratory managers will introduce staff to the employers planned changes. HSA stewards will be attending these meetings to observe and, where possible, the unions labour relations officers will also be in attendance.

BC throne speech sends mixed signals in lead-up to public sector bargaining

October 4, 2011
HSA President Reid Johnson is not optimistic about media reports for a -new government mandate" for collective bargaining in 2012 after yesterdays Throne Speech from the BC government.

Sisters in Spirit vigils Oct 4

October 4, 2011
The sixth annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil will take place October 4 across Canada to honour murdered and missing Aboriginal women and their families.

Applications now available for professional development fund for HSA health science professionals

October 4, 2011
The 2010-2012 HSPBA collective agreement includes a Letter of Agreement ... Re: Professional Development Fund ... which provides for a $450,000 Professional Development Fund for use by all HSPBA members, including members represented by unions other than HSA, over the term of the collective agreement. The amount available to HSA members covered by the HSPBA contract is approximately $450,000, which includes HSAs portion of this fund plus Bill 29 funds that were approved but never claimed.

HSA Political Action Fund still available to support members in upcoming municipal election

October 4, 2011
HSA members throughout the province who are running for office or working in local government election campaigns this fall may apply to HSA for financial support from HSAs Political Action Fund. Municipal, Board of Education and Regional District elections

Running for the cure: HSA members make a difference

October 3, 2011
Hundreds of HSA members across the province participated in Sunday's Run for the Cure. HSA is a proud regional sponsor of the Run for the Cure. Send us your photos! If we use your photo on our website or in The Report magazine, we'll send you a gift package. Send your photos to

Why CETA is a bad idea for Canada

September 29, 2011
Canada and the European Union are negotiating a new Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA). This is a big deal for Canada, and so far, negotiations have been quietly taking place behind closed doors. If CETA is signed, it will:

Add your voice to the movement against the unfair server wage

September 28, 2011
Add your voice to the growing movement against the unfair server wage. When Christy Clark increased the minimum wage, she included everyone but servers. It's not fair and it's open to abuse. Under new legislation - restaurants can now pay servers less than minimum wage.  When minimum wage is finally increased to $10.25 - servers will make $1.25 below the minimum wage.