What's up and what's not with union actions and grievances

The Report: January 1999 vol.19 num.5

Welcome to new members at the Central Okanagan Child Development Association

HSA extends a warm welcome to 63 new members at the Central OkanaganChild Development Association in Kelowna.

Our new members at COCDA include physiotherapists, occupationaltherapists, speech / language pathologists, infant development consultants, preschoolteachers, clerical workers, and supported child care workers. The employer at COCDA isrepresented by the Community and Social Services Employers Association.

HSA organizer Janice Davis said this certification presented a realchallenge. -The most difficult aspect was that these members work in so manydifferent sites," she said. -But Im happy that these members now have HSAon their side in their negotiations for fair wages and benefits."

Davis added that COCDA is the 20th child and infant developmentfacility to certify with HSA. -This is a wonderful testament to HSAswell-deserved reputation as an advocate for child and infant development workers acrossthe province," she said.

-We have worked hard to represent members in this sector, and havebeen successful in making significant improvements to their wages, benefits, job securityand working conditions. Our record of success is sure to attract increasing numbers of newmembers who work in child and infant development."

Welcome to more new membersat Future Focus

HSA was successful in securing a variance for nine more new members atFuture Focus, who work in a newly opened group home in Courtenay. Our new members areresidential care workers for this CSSEA facility, and will now join the collectivebargaining process just begun for other HSA members at Future Focus in Campbell River.

Bargaining begins at COCDA

Bargaining for a first collective agreement is set to begin at theCentral Okanagan Child Development Association in Kelowna. HSA negotiator Dave Martinexpects many key issues, including fair wages and working conditions for Supported ChildCare Workers. -These members are being paid less than $10 an hour for their work withspecial-needs children," Martin said. -And they have very little in the way ofbenefits. Unfortunately, this is a direct consequence of the way contracts are tenderedfrom the Ministry of Children and Families."

Bargaining begins at FutureFocus

Members at Future Focus have begun negotiations for a first collectiveagreement. HSA negotiator Dave Martin said issues include wages, benefits, and internalequity. -Our members at Future Focus are another group of social service providerswho do similar work as their counterparts at health care facilities, but only receive afraction of the wages," he said. -Their benefits should also be brought up to alevel thats comparable with those enjoyed by HSA members working in health."