'We've got an extremely rare opportunity right now'

An open letter from NUPGE President James Clancy

Dear Friends:

Thank you! In the last week you proved that change can happen.

Together, we worked hard, mobilized quickly and forced Stephen Harper to back off critical parts of his economic statement, which offered nothing to address the current economic crisis and instead attacked workers rights and the opposition parties.

His response to our grassroots movement and the NDP-Liberal parliamentary coalition was to pull back his attack on the right of workers to strike and on political party financing. But he still insists on doing nothing to stimulate the economy and he has not backed down on his threat to attack pay equity rights nor to legislate wage controls and rollbacks.

Fearing defeat, he shut down Parliament. Well, Mr. Harper can run but he cannot hide. He will be meeting with the premiers in mid-January. The House of Commons will reopen January 26th. A new budget will be presented on January 27th.

We have got an extremely rare opportunity right now to make progressive change in Canada. This is our chance to make our federal government ... whether it is lead by Mr. Harper or an alternative coalition ... deliver a common sense plan that will ensure a strong economy and fair society for all of us.

I encourage you to make sure your voice is heard:

● Sign our petition to MPs, the Prime Minister and the Premiers urging them to work together to take immediate and long-term action on the economy.
● Download or order a range of NUPGE materials which outline our five-point plan for Canada. Please read this material and share with others. 

In addition, over the next few weeks there will be public opportunities to tell our political leaders to cooperate for the good of the economy and the country. I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Mr. Harper does not understand that we are all in this together. But if we continue working together, he will eventually get the message and we will make the progressive change that will get us through this economic crisis.

In solidarity,
James Clancy
National President
National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)