Weekend school offered in Kamloops Oct. 25

The Canadian Labour Congress offers a series of courses for union members, with a focus on leadership, problem-solving, public speaking, retirement, and steward skills.

A day-long course has been scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 25 in Kamloops. The following courses are offered:

Retire in Style: Thinking of retiring but need to know more about the pension system? Plan your retirement in style with this course.

Acting Up and Problerm-Solving: If you are looking for better skills to deal with stressful situations and conflict at work, whether you are a member or a steward, this course is for you. Make sure you don't trade in your rights just to get along.

Facing Management: Understand management styles and strategies and develop appropriate and effective union responses.

Parliamentary Procedure: Using parliamentary procedure at meetings makes getting things done easier. Learn how to make motions and chair meetings in this course.

HSA members are eligible to apply for Madden Memorial funding for this program.

Information on the CLC Kamloops and District School.
Information on the Madden Memorial Fund.