Vancouver/Richmond adopts ROARS report

The Report: September 1998 vol.19 num.2

The Vancouver/Richmond Health Board knows the value of front-line careproviders. Human resources issues were identified as a key factor in the review of acuteand rehabilitation services (ROARS), which was adopted by the health board at their Julymeeting.

The review began in June 1997 and was designed to identify changeswhich could be achieved over the next five years to improve the health care system in theregion. Recommendations made by the review may eventually mean a transfer of staff betweenprograms, sites, and possibly employers. The board will be working with health care unionsto resolve workers concerns prior to any transfers. Concerns about the impact onworkers occupational health and safety were also identified.

The board has recognized the need to develop new services before therecan be any further reduction in the use of acute-care services. As a result of the review,$11.3 million will be spent over the next 18 months on new or expanded services, includinga lung rehabilitation clinic for adults, expanding home care services, and providing newmothers with advice in languages other than English. Seven initiatives will enhance mentalhealth services in the region.

Recommended priorities for capital projects include: completion of thetower at Vancouver Hospital; the childrens ambulatory care and emergency roomexpansion project and the child and adolescent psychiatry project at Childrens andWomens Health Centre; the emergency services and psychiatry facilities at St.Pauls; and the new south tower at Richmond Hospital.