Taking aim at workload and shortages


Member surveys reveal that workload and shortages continue to be the greatest workplace concern -- and HSA is taking action.

After consulting extensively with members through a series of surveys over the summer, HSA is rolling out a multi-level effort to raise public awareness and get the provincial government to take action on the dire shortage of health science professionals. These shortages continue to create unsafe levels of workload, and contribute directly to wait lists that put patients' lives on hold, or at risk.

Over the coming months, HSA will be running ads that show the public the importance of health science professions in acute shortage. The ads will complement the direct government relations work on the shortage issue, and put the issue on the agenda for the coming provincial election.

Members are also being asked to work directly with the union to track workload issues so that they can be addressed directly with the employer. The more members participate, the more pressure we can collectively exert, and the more likely we can achieve the changes needed to reduce wait times and restore safe workload conditions.

Tools will be made available to members on line and in print form. Talk to your steward to find out more, or check HSA's Facebook page for the latest.

"At May's convention, delegates directed us to build a stronger union," said HSA President Val Avery. "We've started by going to the members themselves, engaging as many as possible in conversation through surveys and worksite meetings. We've committed to providing new resources to support our stewards, and we've helping members organize stronger worksite teams through the new local leadership training program."

"We aim to make sure every single member has an opportunity to share their concerns and get involved in making their professions stronger and their workplaces better. If you don't hear from us this fall – pleae feel free to get in touch."