Second call for professional development fund applications for health science professionals - Expanded criteria options include professional development programs outside Canada

Last fall, HSA announced a $3 million Professional Development Fund funded by the provincial government aimed at supporting health science professionals to undertake professional development to increase specialization, improve health care service to rural and remote areas of BC, and meet ongoing requirements for professional development.
In response to high demand for specialized professional development opportunities outside of Canada, eligibility and funding guidelines have been expanded to include education and associated travel costs within Canada and the USA, and education costs outside of Canada and the USA. In addition, exam fees are now an eligible expense, and education programs starting after August 31, 2019 have been added to the eligibility period.
These improvements are further detailed (and shown as underlined) in the revised Frequently Asked Questions, Eligibility & Funding Guidelines, and Application Form posted on the HSA website.
HSA members who have already submitted an application which contained a request for funding that was previously not within the guidelines must send an email to @email requesting a reconsideration of a previous application.
The fund focuses on supporting professional development in three areas:

  • $1 million to encourage HSPBA members to retrain for health science professions experience shortages in BC
  • $1 million to enhance professional development opportunities for health science professionals working in rural or remote areas of BC
  • $1 million to assist health science professionals across the province to meet ongoing requirements for professional development.

Eligibility and Funding Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions
Application Form

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