Political Action Fund support still available for HSA members to run or work in November municipal election

HSA members who are running for municipal office, or working on campaigns to elect candidates for local government positions, can apply to HSA for the following financial support from HSAs Political Action Fund:

  1. Members who are candidates can apply for up to 5 days of wage replacement and/or up to $200 to cover approved personal expenses incurred to run for office.
  2. Members who are working on a local government election campaign can apply for 1 day of wage replacement, but must demonstrate that they are donating at least 20 hours of their own unpaid time to work on the campaign. Additional paid time may be approved by HSAs Political Action Committee.

Members can apply for support if they are running for, or working on campaigns to elect, any of the following positions:

a) mayor
b) councillor
c) school board trustee
d) regional district electoral area director
e) Islands Trust trustee
f) elected park board commissioner

HSA is not affiliated with any political party. HSA provides financial support to members to run for office or to work on election campaigns, only where the candidate and the political party they are affiliated with ... if any ... demonstrate support for:

a) a positive role for the public sector;
b) the principles of the Canada Health Act;
c) free collective bargaining for public sector employees; and
d) progressive occupational health and safety legislation.

Members applying for support must complete the application form (available below) and send it to HSA by mail or fax, to the attention of Carol Riviere.

Deadline for applications to be received by the HSA office is 4:00 pm on Wednesday, November 9, 2005.

Applications received before the deadline will be considered in the order they are received, until the Political Action Fund is exhausted. Interested members are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, to ensure funding is still available, and to optimize their ability to arrange time off work to be involved in the election campaign.

For further information, please contact Carol Riviere, Communications Officer, at the HSA office.

Application Form

COM 0 006 BL10079