PHSA labour adjustment plan completed; implementation April 4

Uncertainty for HSA members working in PHSA labs has come to an end after protracted and thorough negotiations on a workplace restructuring plan that protects staff and ensures continued quality of patient care.
More than one year after PHSA served Section 54 notice related to an overhaul in the structure of Lower Mainland pathology and laboratory services, PHSA and HSPBA have finalized the bulk of the work required for the labour adjustment plan, with implementation by April 4, 2016.
The process included a technical leadership job fair earlier this year, in which 130 medical laboratory technologists in PHSA participated.
The outcome of the job fair is that medical laboratory technologists remain at their own worksite in comparable or promoted positions in all but a few cases. Where the position was changed to a lower grade, the members were red-circled, and their wage rates protected.
Any leadership vacancies unfilled through the job fair process will now be posted.  In addition there will be some grade 1 positions posted at some sites to account for areas where leadership positions were previously a combination of leadership duties and grade 1 duties.
HSA staff and stewards will continue to work with members on any unanticipated impacts moving forward.