PHSA Lab Redesign update March 27

Members holding a Chief Medical Technologist position can now breathe a little easier, given PHSA's agreement to have a Chief Medical Technologist position at every facility within its Lower Mainland Pathology & Laboratory Services. PHSA intends to title the position "Site Supervisor".

PHSA previously announced that certain positions would not be directly affected by its redesign plans, namely Grade I Medical Technologists; Medical Technologists performing Additional Procedures at Grade II; Medical Technologists performing Special Procedures at Grade III; and Medical Technologist Shift Supervisors.

The parties will have more discussions concerning PHSA's Team Lead concept. The HSPBA negotiating committee has held firm that Section Head- and Subsection Head-related provisions of the Provincial Agreement continue in full force and effect.

Discussions also continue concerning the appropriate classification for the Technical Practice Lead position.

PHSA's redesign plan includes a fourth role, the Technical Coordinator role, which it has previously announced will act as a technical resource for a designated discipline. The parties both require more time to prepare for further discussion about the Technical Coordinator role.

As such, next week's Section 54 meeting has been postponed until further notice.

PHSA has confirmed that it does not yet have a target date for implementation of its redesign.

In early February, PHSA served Section 54 notice that it intended to introduce a change to Lower Mainland pathology and laboratory services focusing on employees who have been in supervisory roles such as section heads, technical coordinators and chiefs. HSA, on behalf of HSPBA, replied that it fundamentally disagreed with both the substance and process of the proposed changes and that all legal options would be considered.

HSA has since filed a number of policy grievances, citing violations of the Provincial Agreement, including those related to bargaining unit work being performed by certain excluded laboratory personnel.

HSA's Section 54 negotiating committee, which includes several Medical Technologist Stewards, has had three meetings with PHSA.

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