OHSAH Health & Safety Update

Workers' Perspectives: A Violence in Healthcare survey

The Provincial Violence Prevention Steering Committee (PVPSC) wants to hear about workers' experiences with violence to create an accurate picture of violence in healthcare workplaces. This survey is the first tool of its kind that will help identify priority areas for violence prevention efforts. If you are a BC healthcare worker, you are eligible to complete our survey and be entered in a draw to win an iPod.

Why is violence in healthcare a concern?

About 12% of BC healthcare and social assistance claims between 2003 and 2007 were related to violence. This amounts to 34,600 claims, 1.5 million days lost, and $208 million in claims costs (WorkSafeBC). Even then, these numbers reflect only accepted claims. All stakeholders, including WorkSafeBC, acknowledge that many violent incidents in healthcare workplaces are not reported, with some incidents perceived as just "part of the job". A true picture of violence faced by BC healthcare workers is still unknown.

Please visit the survey website between January 31, 2009 and March 31, 2009.

Violence Prevention Workshop Materials

The Provincial Violence Prevention Steering Committee recently hosted a workshop addressing violence prevention in BC healthcare. While the workshop was invitational, the material covered is publicly available on the
OHSAH website.

Winter Health and Safety Newsletter

The Winter Health and Safety Newsletter is now available by request for mailing and on the OHSAH website.

In this issue we touch on:

  • New Faces at OHSAH

Safety and Health Week in BC

Who's Who at OHSAH

Check out who's who at OHSAH. OHSAH Director bios can now be found in the "ABOUT US" section of the website

Soaker pads not for repositioning

WorkSafeBC has released a bulletin about the use of soaker pads for repositioning. It has been noted that healthcare workers are sometimes still using soaker pads (incontinence pads) as lifting devices to reposition patients in bed. Soaker pads are used to keep beds and sheets dry,
but are not for lifting. For the full text of the bulletin, please visit WorkSafeBC

Depression in the Workplace Conference

The department of Mental Health and Organizational Development at OHSAH hosts the third annual BC Healthcare Networking Conference on March 4, 2009.

For more information email

Repetitive Strain Injury Awareness Day

To increase awareness of and to help prevent musculoskeletal disorders, Repetitive Strain Injury Awarness Day was created. This year CCOHS releases two courses that coincide with the day - February 29th (this year February 28, 2009)

More information is available in the CCOHS February 2009 Health and Safety Report.