Nurses' Bargaining Association ratifies new provincial contract

The Nurses' Bargaining Association has voted almost 85 percent in favour of accepting the contract negotiated last month between the NBA and the Health Employers Association of BC.

In the vote, psychiatric nurses represented by HSA registered their significant concerns about the imposition of two-tiered benefits proposed as part of the new contract.

The contract has provisions to reduce heavy workload, improve patient care, add more RNs/RPNs, and increase earnings for nurses.

It contains clear, enforceable provisions that recognize and respect the clinical judgment of nurses, particularly when it comes to calling in more nurses to meet the needs of patients.

Now that the contract has been ratified, its critical that members and stewards use the new contract provisions to increase staffing when its needed to reduce excessive workload and provide safe patient care.

Unions will be working hard to ensure members understand their rights under the new contract, that managers respect those rights, and that the contract is enforced. Members should be prepared to file grievances whenever contract provisions arent being followed.  Watch for educational opportunities and contract interpretation information for assistance in ensuring that you and your patients benefit from contract changes.

BCNU is the largest union in the Nurses Bargaining Association, which also includes the Health Sciences Association and the Union of Psychiatric Nurses.

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