NUPGE town hall meeting on the economy June 11

You are invited to a Nanaimo town hall meeting June 11 as part of a national campaign to allow Canadians from all walks of life input into the discussion about the current economic crisis and to ensure that
governments find solutions that work for all Canadians.

The -experts" had their chance. We tried it their way: it didnt work, and now its our turn.

"A People's Response to the Economic Crisis" is sponsored by the National Union of Provincial and General Employees. It is a way for busy but concerned Canadians to make their voices heard, and provide our
governments with a better picture of the real effects of the recession on families and communities. The national campaign consists of a series of town hall meetings across Canada, where community leaders and
grassroots stakeholders can discuss the crisis and provide input into the peoples response.

In Nanaimo, the town hall meeting will at:

Thursday, June 11
7 ... 9 p.m.
Beban Community Centre
2300 Bowen Road ... Room 19/20

Topics for discussion include:

  • Big Corporate Media
  • Health Care
  • Retirement Security
  • Employment Insurance
  • The role of Banks
  • New Green Economy
  • Public Services
  • The Impact on Women
  • Elder care

The input from these community meetings will be compiled into a report listing all the ideas and insights and will be presented to government officials across the country.

For background information, visit the campaign website at

For further information, please contact me at (604) 439-0994 or via email at msobrino@hsabc.