November 6: National Unions community social services appreciation day

Community Social Service workers are essential to building strong communities and making life better for families and individuals. Yet workers in this sector are often as invisible as the members of the society they support.

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has made a commitment to raise the profile of community social service workers.

NUPGE is joining with other unions and national advocacy organizations to collectively acknowledge November 6th, 2011 as the fourth annual Workers Appreciation Day for the community social services sector nation-wide.

Download awareness leaflets, postcards, and poster at including:
• Women Empowering Women pamphlet about womens services
• No Way to Show We Care pamphlet about need for renewed funding for community social services sector

HSA community social services members
Over the past year, HSA members in the community social services sector have come together to highlight the many concerns in our workplaces. Leading up to March, HSA members and fellow activists obtained more than 40 municipal council declarations in support of Community Social Services Month. This fall, members in the sector were able to ratify a collective agreement with significant gains in employment security and fair work practices.

Community Living Action Group
Over the past year, as a member of the Community Living Action Group, HSA members have participated in community forums and contributed to a comprehensive report including concrete solutions to the crisis in the community living sector in BC. The report ... Reaching Out, Weighing In -- is available here

Community Living Action Group partners have successfully brought to public attention the crisis in the community living sector. If you have a community living story, contact us at

HSA is a component of the National Union of Public and General Employees.

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