New joint program will assist ill or injured community social services workers to return to work


CSSEIP is a pro-active, customized return to work program

Today the Union Bargaining Association (UBA) and Community Social Services Employers' Association (CSSEA) launched a new joint program to assist workers who are ill or injured return to work.

The new program is called CSSEIP - the Community Social Services Early Intervention Program. It involves employers, employees, unions and the Healthcare Benefit Trust (HBT) all working together in a proactive, customized return to work program for workers who are ill or injured.

CSSEIP was achieved in the recent round of negotiations and will benefit employers, employees and clients. Ill and injured workers will experience reduced delays in obtaining health and rehabilitative services, and more direct referrals to the appropriate health care professionals. In other words, they will be able to get the care they need faster and easier.

CSSEIP is expected to reduce the costs of short term and long-term disability claims, as well as the cost of absenteeism.

It is designed to foster an environment of support and involvement for workers who are ill or injured, and will assist workers and their families in re-establishing a sense of control - thereby improving workers' morale and increasing the likelihood of successful rehabilitation.

Early return to work will also increase continuity within agencies and their delivery of client services.

Details of the program will be outlined in subsequent CSSEIP bulletins and in a new brochure, available soon from employers and from the program's new web site - The web site also provides a list of contact numbers for employers and employees who require further information about the program.