Negotiations in progress for Health Information Management Lower Mainland consolidation

Since January 10 of this year, the union has met with Providence on three occasions to negotiate a labour adjustment agreement. Three more meetings are scheduled.

The intent of these meetings is to negotiate a labour adjustment agreement that mitigates the impacts of the employers proposed consolidation structure for our members working in Health Information Management.

HSA is concerned that the information provided thus far by the employer does not provide enough detail to outline the level of change being proposed. So far, the employer has allowed for little strategy to mitigate the impact of their proposed changes.

The employer proposes to eliminate supervisory positions, and re-create them as non-union coordinators. The employer also proposes a reduction of the role of health records administrators in work referred to as -release of information" -- contrary to the advice of the Canadian College of Health Information Management regarding requirements to protect privacy of heath records

The union acknowledge that technology is changing in HIM services. However, this is an opportunity for health records administrators to bring focus on advocating for protection and security of patient information.

The union has also highlighted concerns regarding which areas of HIM services are being consolidated. HSA supports the inclusion of HRA members in classifications such as data analysts; the union is looking to negotiate language allowing equal access to vacancies and advancement.

HSA urges the employer to examine alternative plans that will protect patient information and allow a supportive transition to a new consolidated HIM Lower Mainland service.

The union is pursuing -dovetailing" of the seniority list for expanded employment security.

Sent on behalf of the HIM HSA committee
• Rav Dhillon, Health Information Management, Richmond General Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health
• Karen Hatchwell, Health Information Management, Surrey Memorial Hospital, Fraser Health
• Lori Pringle, Health Information Management, St. Pauls Hospital, Providence
• Shelley Scott, Health Information Management, BC Cancer Agency ... Vancouver Cancer Centre, Provincial Health Services
• Sally Mastrantonio, Health Information Management, Lions Gate Hospital, VCHA, alternate
• Dani Demetlika, HSA Senior Labour Relations Officer:
• Derek Wong, HSA Senior Labour Relations Officer, Classifications:

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